Why Wildflowers are Important to our British Countryside

As we look forward to longer days spent outside exploring the countryside during these warmer months –  we thought now was the perfect time to share with you a small guide to British Wildflowers and how to protect the most endangered species.
In the UK, we rely on a wide range of Wildflowers to provide pollinators with a food source throughout all seasons – especially in Winter when there is less food available. Pollinators play a vital part in creating and maintaining ecosystems, leading to the production of the fruits we can eat and seeds to grow more plants. 
This is why we need to keep mindful on our walks, as although it may be tempting to pick these beautiful flowers, we need to let them be. Although they are self-reproducing, they are still delicate and help stabilise the soil to help other species around them become established.
Here at Bramley, all our products are each inspired by different plants and flowers grown in the British Countryside which is why we proud to work alongside PlantLife to help protect endangered plants. We donate £1 with every Room Spray, or Body Lotion bought online. 
Did you also know that Wildflowers also contribute to scientific and medical research, some contain compounds that can be used in drugs to treat diseases. For example, Foxgloves contain chemicals to treat heart conditions – we could end up missing out on potential new medicines if we were without Wildflowers.
Until the end of April, we are adding a free packet of Wildflower seeds with every online order. You can then create an eco-friendly space to attract birds and pollinators, which will help improve your garden's health and to also create a lovely, colourful space. By planting these seeds you will be be able to see how beautiful these flowers are and help us to spread the word on the importance of protecting Wildflowers.