Our Work with City to Sea

Did you know that we create more than 300 million tonnes of plastic every year around the world – and half of this is single-use use?
City to Sea is an environmental organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution – running an award-winning campaign called Refill, to help people live with less plastic. Their vision is to build a world where everyone can choose to reuse wherever they shop, eat and drink.
Here in the UK, supermarkets use 114 billion pieces of throwaway plastic a year – which equates to more than 4,000 items per household in the UK each year. Put together; the supermarket plastic bought to be thrown away every year weighs 653,000 tonnes – the same as 3,000 747 jumbo jets.
Refill connects people to places where they can eat, drink and shop without pointless packaging. Anyone can download the free Refill app to tap into a global network of places to reduce, reuse and refill. From a coffee on your commute to drinking water on the go or shopping with less plastic, Refill puts the power to go packaging free at your fingertips. 
Here at Bramley, we are constantly making moves to reduce the crazy overuse of plastic, from introducing refillable glass bottles and 5L starter packs to our fully recyclable packaging. 10% of each individual Molly Mahon reusable face mask & every 5 Litre Starter Pack sold via Bramley's site; we donate £5 to City to Sea.
We believe that Refill has the power to create a wave of change and stop plastic pollution at source by connecting you instantly to a global network of places to reduce, reuse and refill. as well as logging your refills to measure your impact.
Join the refill revolution today with Refill by downloading their free app which is the first dedicated app to help people find locations to reuse and refill wherever you are!