Make Your Own Pressed Flower Paper

Here is a simple idea to get creative at home using old throwaway paper and recycling it into something delicate & pretty!
Things you will needs:
Used paper i.e. old menus, shredded paper 
.Tub of water 
.Deckle (this is the formal term for it, however very easy to make at home with an old picture frame and fine mesh/old stockings - basically anything that will act as a sieve)
.Dried/pressed flower petals
Step 1
Shred/tear up your paper and fill your blender one 3rd of the way. Add 2 thirds of water. Blend for at least a minute to create a pulp.
Step 2
Submerge your deckle into a tub of water (it doesn't need to be deep but needs to big enough and deep enough to submerge your deckle fully)
Step 3
Pour the paper pulp to cover the deckle entirely.
Step 4
Sprinkle with dried flowers and very softly push them into the paper pulp to integrate them with the paper.
Step 5
Carefully lift the deckle out of the water as evenly as possible (to ensure even paper thickness) and place it onto a clean towel.
Step 6
Place your other deckle onto the top and use a sponge to gentle press and remove any excess water.
Step 7
Carefully flip your paper onto either a jay cloth/kitchen roll and dab dry - leave in a warm spot for 24 hours until it has fully gotten rid of any water.