Perfect Your Skincare Routine for Summer Perfect Your Skincare Routine for Summer

Perfect Your Skincare Routine for Summer

Date Posted

May 08, 2024

With the sun finally making an appearance, we've been getting our skin ready for the warmer weather!
We asked our founder, Chloë and skin expert, Caroline, for their top tips when it comes to perfecting a summer skincare routine...


'Exfoliation is key to great skin because, by sloughing off the dead skin cells, you allow new ones to be generated. We have two different types in the Bramley Skin collection – the Apple Peel AHA Face Exfoliator and the Walnut Shell Face Scrub.

The latter is a gel base with antioxidant-rich avocado oil and uplifting clementine essential oil along with the tiny pieces of walnut shell that help to buff away dirt and impurities, leaving your skin glowing and really clean.

The Apple Peel AHA Face Exfoliator works in a slightly different, more gentle way, in that it is the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), in this case malic, glycolic and lactic, that dissolve away the dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and illuminated.'


'Once you’ve exfoliated, it’s important to nourish your skin and for that, I would recommend using one of our serums.  If you have time, use our Kombucha Rest Day Serum which naturally resets your skin’s biome with its fermented black tea extract, and leaves it balanced and ready to go.  

If time is of the essence, then our Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum with magnesium which creates a barrier to protect your skin from everyday pollutants and hydrating hyaluronic acid or our Linden Restoring Night Serum with skin-brightening niacinamide and antioxidant zinc (depending on what time of the day it is), will be best for you.  

A serum is a water-based product that absorbs quickly into your skin and gives it an added layer of hydration along with key active ingredients that work hard for your skin. '


'The icing on the cake in your skincare routine is moisturising.  At night time, I would recommend using our Raspberry Seed Illuminating Face Oil which is packed full of nourishing oils such as apricot kernel and vitamin-rich rosehip and leaves your skin feeling super soft and glowing by the morning.  

Contrary to popular belief, putting oil onto oily skin doesn’t make it more oily, in fact, it helps to balance out oil levels and leaves your skin looking amazing.  If you have time, pair it with our Gua Sha and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles by getting the blood pumping as you massage it.'

Date Posted

May 08, 2024