Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum 30ml
Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum 30ml
Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum 30ml
Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum 30ml
Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum 30ml
Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum 30ml

Lemon Balm Brightening Day Serum 30ml


with Magnesium & Hyaluronic Acid

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Our brightening and enriching day serum is naturally formulated to help enhance the radiance of your skin, in the short and long-term.

Allowing a reparative and restorative boost, it leaves your complexion feeling smoother, healthier & brighter.

Serums work in perfect harmony with your face cream to compliment each other for maximum results.

An everyday superhero - a serum contains higher concentrations of active ingredients in a lighter base that can absorb deeper into the skin, due to its smaller molecular structure. This means that serums can target specific skin concerns, such as ageing, blemishes, scarring & fine lines.

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Size : 30ml

Hyaluronic Acid - Naturally occurring, helps to boost hydration levels & improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Magnesium - To help promote collagen production and leave skin looking healthy & vibrant.

Bisabolol - An antioxidant, to help reduce inflammation & redness and enhance skin hydration & comfort. An active derived from camomile, high in antioxidants to help enhance skin hydration & comfort.

Aqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Lactobacillus Ferment, Pentylene Glycol, Saccarum Officinarum Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Flower Water, Hydroxyacetophenone, Maltodextrin, Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract, Sphingomonas Ferment Extract, Saccharomyces/Xylinum/Black Tea Ferment.

This bottle is made from 100% recyclable glass. Remove cap & wash out any excess product. This serum pump is currently not recyclable due to spring action, we are constantly reviewing packaging options and looking to find an eco friendly alternative. This box is made using FSC card and is fully recyclable.

Please check with your local recycling facilty for more information on their recycling abilities.

How to use our Day Serum

  • 1

    Use every morning to develop & maintain desired effects.

  • 2

    Apply 2 or 3 pumps into the palm of your hand.

  • 3

    Pat onto face & neck & spread gently in long outward strokes.

  • 4

    Allow to absorb before applying moisturiser.

Frequently Asked Questions

A serum is usually a liquid or gel containing high concentrations of skin active ingredients which are able to penetrate deeper into the skin due to a smaller molecular structure and are a lighter weight than a moisturiser. They can target specific skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, dullness, dryness, redness and protect your skin from the impact of daily living.
You can start using a face serum when you notice the first signs of ageing or are concerned about a specific skin concern that your moisturiser effects may not be fulfilling. Combining your serum and moisturiser can provide a more satisfactory and longer lasting effect.
No. Due to the differences of the molecular structure of these products one does not replace the other, but work in harmony to complement each other for maximum results. A serum has smaller molecules so that the active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and minerals can absorb quickly and deeper into the skin to help target specific skin concerns. A moisturiser has larger molecules which means the cream sits more on the skin's surface helping seal in moisture to create a soft and protective layer.
Yes. Amongst our key ingredients within our day serum is Bisabolol which can enhance skin hydration and comfort, whilst helping to reduce irritation and redness caused by skin conditions like Rosacea and eczema and blemishes. Lemon Balm is known to help soften the skin texture and improve suppleness.