Creating a Floral Themed Tablescape with Pamplemousse Creating a Floral Themed Tablescape with Pamplemousse

Creating a Floral Themed Tablescape with Pamplemousse

Date Posted

August 17, 2022

Just a few minutes drive from Bramley HQ, in the beautiful hilltop town of Shaftesbury, sits Pamplemousse, the florist café lovingly founded in 2020 by friends Hanna and Mollie. 

Creating seasonal, country arrangements in their Dorset shop and delivering them nationwide, the talented team of florists are renowned for their gorgeous wedding flowers, which you can see examples of on their Instagram page. 

To celebrate the summer, we recently teamed up with Pamplemousse to create a stunning floral-themed tablescape inspired by an English country garden. Using flowers sold in their shop (also possibly found in your garden!) and a mixture of retail items, Mollie has shared her top tips for creating the perfect tablescape based on the one we've created together.

Choose your theme

If you're using a tablecloth and candles, we always try and match the flowers to the colours in those elements- that's usually the best starting point; then, you can build the rest of your setting around this. 

In this tablescape, we matched the gorgeous raspberry tablecloth to the bright pink Echinacea you see throughout the floral displays. We then softened with pale pinks in the Café au Lait Dahlia and Pink Mondial Rose to match the pale pink tapered candles and Kyushu Hydrangea to match the soft green candles. 


When choosing flowers and vases to adorn your table setting, make sure you use a variety of different heights within your arrangements if you want the flowers to be the main focal point. Just make sure they're not so high that you obstruct anyone's view; you still want your guests to be able to see each other!


We always think adding fresh herbs or scented flowers to our arrangements is a lovely touch. We've used flowering mint from the garden in this one, but other flowers and foliage that smell just as good include Rosemary, Sage, Sweet Peas, Garden Roses, Lavender, Jasmine and Tuberose. Most of which you may also have in your garden! 

We've also added the Calming Bedside Diffuser to the table to bring subtle scents of Yarrow, Chamomile, & Palmarosa essential oils, as well as the Calm Candle, which, once burnt, will make the perfect vessel for holding flowers! 

Finishing touches

When arranging your flowers, you'll always find broken stems or bits of the flower that don't quite fit in the vase. These little offcuts make the perfect touch placed on your napkin and tied up with a beautiful piece of ribbon, in keeping with the colour scheme of your table design. 

Top tip: It's key that you don't have any foliage, leaves or bits of flower under the water line in your vase, as bacteria will grow quicker and make your water dirty.

Play around with props!

We found this gorgeous white-footed urn in a charity shop, and it's our go-to for a table centrepiece. Its shape creates a beautiful vase for larger flowers that spill slightly over the edge. 

Charity shops, car boot sales and flea markets are the perfect places to pick up cheap and quirky, individual pieces that work perfectly when entertaining. Vases, crockery, glassware, fabric napkins and tablecloths can all be sourced amongst other treasures that will elevate your dining experience and create the perfect table setting, whatever your occasion.  

Flowers used within our images:

Fresh Mint, Café au Lait Dahlia, Mondail Rose, Kyushu Hydrangea, Pale Pink Astilbe and Echinacea. 

Most props and candles used can be purchased via Pamplemousse. 

Date Posted

August 17, 2022