Q & A: Chloë Luxton talks about creating Little B, a playful bath & body range for children. Q & A: Chloë Luxton talks about creating Little B, a playful bath & body range for children.

Q & A: Chloë Luxton talks about creating Little B, a playful bath & body range for children.

Date Posted

July 01, 2020


 Bramley founder, Chloë Luxton shares how her own experience as a mother inspired her to create Little B, a playful bath & body range for children...


Where did the idea for Little B come from?

It was a combination of things – firstly, I have three small children and I struggled to find a brand that was natural & gentle enough for their delicate skin, and secondly, I had just had my bathrooms redone and I couldn’t find a range that I was happy to have on display along the edge of my beautiful new bath! It also felt like the right extension to Bramley.

How does a child's skin differ from adult skin?

When a baby is born their skin does not fully develop until they’re about 6 months old, so it’s really important to not use anything too harsh on their skin – this is why we recommend our products for use from 6 months onwards. Essential oils have renowned benefits when used correctly.

Which is your favourite product in the range?

I obviously love them all and use them on my children daily so it’s hard to choose, but I think it has to be the Little B Hand Wash. It’s got the most beautiful sweet orange fragrance and I’ve replaced my Bramley Hand Wash with this one for the moment because it’s my new favourite smell!


What inspired the design and look of the Little B products?

It was incredibly hard to get the right look for Little B and I really struggled until I met Susannah Taylor!  Susannah is actually a beauty journalist (she writes the weekly ‘Healthyish’ column in Grazia) but she is also a very talented artist in her spare time so I talked her through my ideas and she created the beautiful, but playful woodland animals that now adorn our bottles. It was definitely worth the wait because I wanted the labels to reflect the naturalness of the products inside but to also have an element of fun to them for children to engage with.

Can you give us top tips for making bath time fun?

Bubbles always make bath time fun! Bubbles as beards, blowing bubbles and then the classic Mohican created from wet hair…  I think it’s then important to try and wind them down before bed with a story (although mine seem to get a second wind but the Little B Sleep Spray seems to help with that!).


What's in store for the future at Little B?

We’re delighted with the response we’ve had to Little B since launch and we have lots of exciting plans for new products up our sleeves, so watch this space!

Date Posted

July 01, 2020