In Conversation with Chloë - Fernanda Guimarães, owner of Friendshop London In Conversation with Chloë - Fernanda Guimarães, owner of Friendshop London

In Conversation with Chloë - Fernanda Guimarães, owner of Friendshop London

Date Posted

February 01, 2022

Introducing, “In Conversation with Chloë”. Those who have followed us from the beginning will know that sustainability has always been at the very heart of Bramley. And as we’ve grown, so has our commitment to maintaining and preserving our beautiful natural environment. We do this through our approach to sustainability, our partners, and our decision to contribute to meaningful charities, such as Plantlife.

This year, we thought it would be nice to speak to other like-minded people, brands and influencers about what sustainability means to them. There are so many small things we can do to help make a big difference. As we chat to people from different industries and walks of life, we hope to find little moments of inspirations, to help us all live better.

Our first conversation is with influencer and online-entrepreneur Fernanda Guimarães – we hope you enjoy.

Hi Fernanda, tell us a little about yourself!

Hi Chloë – thanks so much for having me as your first guest! I’m Fernanda Guimarães. I’m a 27-year-old Brazilian based in London. People may know me as a digital content creator on Instagram, you can find me at @feguimaraess, and I’m also the owner of Friendshop London (, a second-hand, online shop, with selected fashion items.


How do you try to promote sustainability within your industry?

I love sharing my style and bits of my life on my Instagram.  Even though I work with fashion, I’ve never been a compulsive buyer. I like to keep my wardrobe minimal and use the same items as much as possible. I try encourage my followers to do the same by showing how one item can be worn in different ways. There was a time when repeating an outfit was seen as “uncool” – but I’m trying to break that stigma. If you fall in love with an item of clothing, why would you not want to wear it again and again? When I no longer want or need something I usually give it to friends, family, sell on Friendshop London or donate!

What do you think the future of fashion industry holds? How will it change?

I definitely think consumers are seeking long lasting and good quality items. People are buying less and better, which is great to see. The second hand market is also growing each day, which is great for my business. Buying second hand means you can get high-quality pieces at cheaper prices, and means you’re helping minimise waste – it’s a win, win! Fast-fashion has to end.

What’s one small change people can make to their day-to-day life that will help make a difference?

Every detail counts and I believe that looking into your environment – your wardrobe, your house or your office - and keeping/buying only what you really need plays a massive difference!

Try to give away, sell, or recycle rather than throw away. What you no-longer need might be just what someone else is looking for.

Finally, always think before buying something. How many times could you see yourself using/wearing the item? Is it just a trend that you won’t use after a short time? Invest in staple pieces that will last the test of time.

What’s your favourite Bramley product and why?

I personally love the Home Candle and Room Spray! They have a really good smell, making each room so cosy and refreshed. It’s like a touch of nature, bringing the outdoors, indoors! I love it!







Date Posted

February 01, 2022