Floral Mother’s Day Gifts Floral Mother’s Day Gifts

Floral Mother’s Day Gifts

Date Posted

March 04, 2019

It’s a bit of a cliché to give your mother flowers on Mother’s Day but here at Bramley we do love a flower!  So we have put together a bit of a guide to flower-inspired gifts which are a little bit more thoughtful than a bunch of tulips (although I think that would be appreciated too!). 

This gorgeous one-of-a-kind ceramic vase, made from Brixton clay vase and fired in a RAKU kiln by ceramist Janie Kinston, holds a few spring blooms and would sit beautifully on any mantelpiece or side table and it will definitely delight any exhausted mother.  Vase, £95 JamJar Edit  

Talking of vases, but at a slightly lower budget, how sweet are these flower ones? These would look so pretty on a bedside table (with or without flowers in them).  Bloom Vase, £24 Anthropologie

We recently discovered the artist Rachel Dein, who makes the most beautiful botanical art in plaster and concrete. One of her botanical tiles would make the perfect present. Botanical tiles, from £25 Etsy

We’ve fallen in love with these beautiful Nigella (or love-in-a-mist) paperweights Handpicked in South Wales, the flowers are then cast in molten resin, which preserves them forever - perfect for the desk of a working mother.  Paperweight, £30 JamJar Edit)

If you’re after a pretty but also practical gift how about this iPhone case, which reminds of us of our Bramley packaging, and uses real pressed flowers.  iPhone case £34, Anthropologie

On the same floral theme, these little frames with pressed flowers are very sweet and won’t break the bank. Frames from £9 Trouva.  Or why not have a go yourself by picking up a frame from here and heading out into the garden to find some flowers to press? 

If you’re looking frantically for a last minute gift then why not get your mother a monthly plant subscription?  We like Beards & Daisies because you can choose to either send flowers in a delivery box to slip right through your letterbox or send house plants (which obviously last longer than flowers).  Plant subscription box, from £25 per month Beards & Daisies

Another subscription that we KNOW your mother will love would be one to our very own Bramley products – you can choose any product and have it delivered as often as you like.  A Hand Wash every month or a Body Wash every three months.  Bramley subscription, from £8 Bramley

We wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day with your loved ones, from us all at Bramley.

Date Posted

March 04, 2019