Q&A: Emilia Iandolo from Mowhay Q&A: Emilia Iandolo from Mowhay

Q&A: Emilia Iandolo from Mowhay

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November 20, 2018

Here at Bramley we are excited to announce that our products are now stocked and used for treatments at Mowhay. A beautiful boutique treatment room nestled in the heart of Somerset, Mowhay provides holistic treatments that allow their clients to unwind and relax in the countryside. The therapeutic treatments on offer at Mowhay are created wholly by Emilia and are the result of her knowledge and experience gained form her years in the luxury industry. We caught up with Emilia the founder of Mowhay to find out a little more about the mind behind the business.

How did you get into the beauty industry? 

I have always been interested in people and their general wellbeing and being a part of the therapy process.

I studied journalism in Rome and qualified as a massage and beauty therapist when I moved to the UK. I continued to train and practice in various places around bath and Somerset. I worked at Babington House in Frome for 5 years until I decided I wanted to venture out on my own. 

It is amazing how benefiting little pampers and you time can be. Beauty salons aren’t just places to get your nails done. They are chill out zones, quiet environments, therapy spaces, communal relaxation rooms. I love being part of the place where people come and unwind.  

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I love getting to know my clients and knowing how to make them relax. Everyone is different and unwinds in different ways. My favourite thing is knowing that they leave feeling the best version of themselves.

What’s your favourite season? 

Spring - I love fresh mornings of spring and experiencing the first buds bursting out of the rugged surfaces of winter, knowing that sunnier days are just around the corner.

However, you can’t beat the summer times especially at Manor Farm. The young cattle playing around the grounds of the spa and people out and about enjoying themselves.

Favourite flower? 

I love orchids, and how they grow so rapidly from the stem and flower suddenly in clusters. You also can’t beat that gorgeous smell of eucalyptus.

Favourite drink? 

Prosecco of course!

What’s your favourite shop? 

With our busy schedule at Mowhay I haven’t had time to go to many shops recently! I make my own lunches but love when we have the excuse to pop into The Holy Cow for a cake, coffee or some of their gorgeous salads. 

Whenever we have an event, we always use The Holy Cow cafe for refreshments.

What inspires you? 

Nature inspires me, no matter how tough or strained the winters are, it always fights back and gives 100%.

How do you like to switch off and relax?

A Seaweed bath, candles (or a glass of red wine next to the fire with friends!

Where is your favourite place or holiday destination? 

Italy of course! With all my family, in Avellino near the Amalfi coast. Summer evenings with lots of food, wine and the whole family together.

What can’t you live without? 
My little family are my world, my kids are 7 and 10, I appreciate every moment together with them as it’s so special, before they grow up too fast! 

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November 20, 2018