Five Reasons you Need Micellar Water in your Skincare Regime

Date Posted

November 03, 2021

When it comes to superstar, multi-purpose skincare products, Micellar Water is up there with the best. Cleansing? Hydrating? Soothing? Yes to all the above. But in a world where the Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise mantra still holds strong, Micellar Water hasn’t claimed the place it deserves in everybody’s skincare regime – yet. Here are five reasons why it will.

  1. It’s super gentle. Unlike drying, soap based traditional cleansers, Micellar Water contains micelles - mild, non-irritating compounds which are highly effective at dissolving dirt and oil, gently cleansing without stripping skin of essential oils.
  2. It’s ultra Our own Bramley Micellar Water contains chamomile and rosewater to help soothe and hydrate skin, and the formulation is free from soap, alcohol and other known skin strippers. So instead of that tight, dry feeling post cleansing, skin is left hydrated and smooth.
  3. It’s non-irritating. Micellar water was actually originally developed in France, so that Parisian women didn’t have to wash their skin with the city’s harsh water. With no need to wash off, micellar water is the perfect cleansing solution for those with sensitive skins.
  4. It’s convenient. Splash it on after the gym, before bed on a long haul flight, or as a quick skin pick up in the morning when you’re short of time. Without the need for water, it’s the on-the-go gentle skincare cleanser and hydrator to suit all skins.
  5. It’s multipurpose. Yes, it cleanses and hydrates – but it also tones, soothes and adds moisture all at once. So if you are thinking about your desert island beauty essential, this needs to be at the top of the shortlist.

 Like all our products, our Bramley Micellar Water is 100% natural. It’s bursting with skin-loving ingredients such as chamomile and rosewater, and delivers that Bramley feeling of countryside freshness that we all know and love.


Chloe’s Top Tip

"Our Micellar Water is my secret early morning ingredient. It refreshes my skin and makes me feel instantly much more awake – essential when dealing with three kids and a dog first thing in the morning."


Date Posted

November 03, 2021


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