Q&A: Rebecca Wordsworth Q&A: Rebecca Wordsworth

Q&A: Rebecca Wordsworth

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June 05, 2019

Rebecca went to University as a mature student 10 years ago to study ceramics and has organically built up a successful business exhibiting and selling her pottery both in the UK and around the world. Chloë came across Rebecca’s work in the Owl craft gallery on Catherine Hill in Frome. She bought a vase for her Mother and thought that the floral print mirrored the Bramley design and so asked Rebecca to create some Limited Edition candles to sell online. They were so popular, Rebecca has gone on to make some beautiful one off pots and soap dishes for us. All made by hand by Rebecca, each one is slightly different making them unique, authentic and certainly one of a kind. Rebecca shared with us her inspiration behind her work and a few of her favourite things.

How did you get into the ceramics industry?

As a child I would disappear for the day into the woods next to our family home in Gloucestershire, the soil was very clay based so I would dig bagfuls of clay and take them home and model it in to various forms and fire them in the Aga. My strongest sensuous memory is the gritty, grassy texture of the clay. That really is how it all started. 

What’s your favourite pattern?

My favourite pattern has to be a doodle that I have done since I can remember, it’s a very simple 4 petal flower, slightly Islamic in its form, with an organic twist. I would draw it for you, but my IT skills don’t stretch to this!

Favourite flower?

I’m afraid I need two here. Cow parsley is just so beautiful, delicate and lace like when the hedgerows are bursting with it you know you’re in spring. It is also my original inspiration for my porcelain vases. However, the rose is so magnificent and regal, it’s gives me a feel of permanence and I adore the scent of a classic old garden tea rose.

Favourite drink?

Alcoholic would be an icy cold Provence Rosè sipped whilst sitting in the garden with friends. Non-alcoholic has to be fresh lime and soda with crushed mint, yum.

What do you collect?

I’ve spent my life collecting old china, plates, jugs and bowls (it drives my husband mad as you can hardly open the drawers). Also knives, I love knives and whenever I go away I like to bring one back. Portuguese knives are my favourite so far.

What’s your favourite shop?

My loyalty lies in Frome. Catherine hill is literally buzzing with local trade and I adore the whole hill. But I’m pretty keen on the hardware shop and Moo and two for the best coffee and tea you’ll ever experience.

Who inspires you?

My family and friends are a constant source of inspiration. If we keep communicating, we stay awake in life and leave ourselves open to seeing all the goodness that is around in such strange times.

How do you like to switch off and relax?

I enjoy a walk, a good book, a glass of wine, a good conversation, a cuddle and laughter.
Am I allowed all of the above?! 

Where is your favourite place or holiday destination?

India is somewhere I feel such an infinity with; the noisy busy cities, the stunning scenery and the exquisite coast, the people, the colour, the smell and kindness. However give me England on a sunny day and I’m happy.

What can’t you live without?

Got to be my family... all of them, they are my world. Oh and a big lump of clay.
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Date Posted

June 05, 2019