Rock & Soul X Bramley - Q&A Rock & Soul X Bramley - Q&A

Rock & Soul X Bramley - Q&A

Date Posted

March 02, 2020

We are always looking for fun ways to collaborate with like-minded brands and we’re particularly excited to be working with Emily from Rock & Soul.  We met Emily at the Verve Festival last year when we both had stands and we spent a chilly couple of days admiring each other’s wares. Emily creates beautiful jewellery incorporating lava rocks and beads which are infused with essential oil blends to suit your particular mood.
 Rock & Soul and Bramley have come together to create the perfect gift, fusing aromatherapy diffuser jewellery with our Calm essential oil blend. We have bottled the essence of our Calm Balm to create a ‘calm’ essential oil blend which can be dabbed on to the lava rock and inhaled as and when you require it, to give you a moment of peace.  
We caught up with the founder of Rock & Soul, Emily to find out a little more about her and her awesome business! 

How did you come up with the idea to start making aromatherapy jewellery? 

It was actually an old school friend of mine, Betsy,  who got in touch asking if I would be interested in creating a line of essential oil blends for her new line of diffuser jewellery.. We had a wonderful reunion and brainstorm over lunch at Pythouse Kitchen Garden...  Six months later and we were getting an amazing reaction to the product which was so exciting and surreal... Betsy had lots of other commitments on her plate at the time so she asked me in January 2018 if I would like to take sole responsibility of the business which was terrifying (because I had never made jewellery before) and so exciting at the same time.. I love how life can throw curve balls which (at the time) you think “I’ll never be able to do that” then 3 months later you find yourself totally in the zone and loving it... It was possibly some of the most accelerated learning I’ve ever had to do (with a one year old under my wing 🙈) and Jennifer Kent who is a lovely local beader in Shaftesbury was a total rock in helping to get me on my way... I’ve always had a creative spirit but would never of  described  myself as a particularly ‘crafty’ person, it feels great to have smashed through those mental limitations and now I feel positively addicted to the process of creating, it is so therapeutic and satisfying... And I also have a full drawer of double sided sticky tape which is very handy for all the school projects too!


What’s your favourite part of your job?


This is a hard one to answer as there are many elements... Sometimes I will get messages from people who say that wearing their Rock & Soul jewellery has helped them deal with anxiety, phobias, PTSD, depression and has given them hope and strength to push through challenging times... I feel deep gratitude and respect to those people who share their stories with me, it’s very heart warming...  I think the key element with diffuser jewellery is that it naturally encourages you to take regular deep breaths, and in today’s fast paced, challenging world, taking time out to breath deeply, with good intention, is everything. 

What’s your favourite season?


Favourite flower? 


Fritillaria for their architectural beauty. And roses every time for fragrance.

Favourite drink? 

The first cup of tea in the morning and that first sip of G&T after a busy day... 

What inspires you?

Nature... I’ve been lucky to live in a few different countries in my 41 years and nothing stirs the senses quite like the English countryside in all seasons, especially spring.

How do you like to switch off and relax?

Walking my gorgeous nearly 10 year old black lab Sage, practicing yoga and having good wholesome chat  (and some times inappropriate laughs) with The Mothership.


Where is your favourite place or holiday destination? 


Impossible choice! If I had to pick just one, it would be Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada but I also love France, Italy and Kerala.


What can’t you live without?

My boys Jason, Rory and Ben. They are my world. 

Date Posted

March 02, 2020