Our Three New Year’s Resolutions Our Three New Year’s Resolutions

Our Three New Year’s Resolutions

Date Posted

January 10, 2023

We don’t know about you, but sometimes we find it hard to stick to New Year’s resolutions, so we’ve decided to make three that we know we will be able to keep up for 2023 (and you can, too!)

Quality over Quantity

Pick fewer products with better ingredients. If you’re anything like us, we are suckers for the next big beauty or skincare trend. With bottles filling our bathrooms, many of us are guilty of overconsuming in the quest for healthier and younger-looking skin. But this year, we are cutting back and investing in quality ingredients instead, and so should you!

At Bramley, all of our products have a base of apple seed oil and organic extract of 100% naturally derived botanicals make up each individual blend, meaning every product has its own distinctive scent and genuine therapeutic benefits for your skin and hair.


Dry Body Brushing

The benefits of dry body brushing can sometimes be overlooked because of the time it can take to fit into your shower or bath routine. Not only does dry body brushing help to unclog pores whilst exfoliating your skin, it also increases blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and, in turn helps to detoxify your body.

So regularly setting aside a few minutes to focus on this underrated beauty habit could be the start of something new for you this year.


Hair Care is Body Care!

There are great hair days ahead with our all-natural, sulphate and silicone-free Shampoo and Conditioner combo. It’s well known that sulphates can strip away moisture in your locks, leaving hair dry and damaged, as well as silicones that can coat hair follicles, stopping them from producing natural oils but our hair care heroes will not only help to maintain these oils, but also cleanse effectively without removing moisture.

Made with lemon, mandarin & rosemary essential oils, hair will be left not only looking good but smelling good too.

Date Posted

January 10, 2023