Bedtime Rituals with Molly from Secret Linen Store Bedtime Rituals with Molly from Secret Linen Store

Bedtime Rituals with Molly from Secret Linen Store

Date Posted

February 17, 2021

Hello all, and a big cosy welcome from me (Molly) at Secret Linen Store… I’m here to chat all things bedtime and making sure that your pre-bedtime routine is as super cosy and relaxing as possible to make sure you’re getting the best night’s sleep. 

Time for a soak…

I like to start off my ritual with a nice warm bath or shower. Slipping into a pre-bedtime bath (with lots of lovely Bramley products of course) is a super treat and one of the best ways to start your bedtime… Being a warm person, I don’t like my bath to be too hot; I don’t like being roasted before bed! If you don’t like a soak in the bath, or you don’t have one, a nice, warm shower with lots of nice smelly things is just as good. I am currently opting for the shower since my bathroom is mid-renovation and isn’t quite up to that bath time spa level I would like it to be. Whichever you choose, a lot of something nice and smelly during or after your bath or shower makes you feel special and relaxed when it’s time to jump into bed.

 Let’s Wrap Up

So you’ve had your nice shower or bath… what now? One of my biggest tips is not to glance over the importance of fluffy, luxury towels to truly make you feel like you’re on a day out at the spa… Nothing quite beats getting out of the tub and wrapping yourself in a fresh, fluffy towel that’s just come off the warm radiator.

You must must must make sure that your towels are cared for properly to keep them nice and fluffy and inviting. Here are just a handful of my top tips to make sure that your towels are always spa-quality…

  • Always use the highest spin on the machine to ensure that all water is out, otherwise you might have stiff towels, and nobody wants that…
  • Wash separately if you can, there’s nothing worse than a greying towel
  • If you have lots of washing to do, or you are going out to the gym or beach, use one of our lightweight towels as you can fit more in the washing machine at once.
  • Wash your towel every 3-4 dry’s… this saves on washing and the environment.
  • Hang your towels up to dry as flat as possible so it will dry properly

Wind Down In Beautiful Bed Linen

Finally, to make sure that you’re getting the ultimate good nights sleep, make sure your bed linen is up to scratch... 100% Linen feels fabulous on your skin and is great for hot or cold sleepers as it regulates your body temperature, we just love love love getting into a luxurious linen bed at night. Don’t forget your Bramley Sleep Spray to help you drift off into dream land…

Although it’s super-duper important, it’s not just your bed that you need to make sure is comfy and calming. Your overall bedroom environment is possibly the biggest reason you might not be getting a good night’s sleep, so make sure it’s cosy, inviting and somewhere you love to be (we spend a lot of our lives in the bedroom after all). Make sure that your colour scheme is right for you, and that your lighting is calm, not too bright and sets the mood for sleep - I can’t recommend a light dimmer enough…

The final touch for a good sleep is some lovely linen curtains. They let just the right amount of light through your window in the morning, without being too bright and waking you up abruptly.

Thank you so much for listening folks, I really hope that I have given you some helpful bedtime tips. Happy bedtime all, Molly x

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Date Posted

February 17, 2021