The Percival Eldersour Cocktail Recipe

Date Posted

June 27, 2022

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon, we've teamed up with Percival & Co to bring you a Bramley-inspired cocktail to enjoy from Henman Hill or when hosting your own watch party! 

Percival & Co provides low-calorie, lightly alcoholic drinks that are refreshing and reinvigorating. Perfect for the sunny summer months ahead!

Similarly to Bramley, Percival's Hard Tonics are infused with British hedgerow fruits and flowers, vegan, gluten-free and 100% natural. 

Their specialist team of mixologists have provided us with this cocktail recipe to make the perfect Percival Eldersour. 

You will need:

60ml St Germain

30ml Lime juice

15ml Egg white

One dash of Orange Bitters

One can of Percival & Co Elderflower Hard Tonic


Step one: Shake the St Germain, lime juice, egg white & bitters over ice. 

Step two: Dry shake and strain into an ice-filled tumbler, topping up with 125ml of Percival & Co Elderflower Hard Tonic. 

Step three: Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of garden herb.


Date Posted

June 27, 2022


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