Finding A Moment of Calm With Bramley Finding A Moment of Calm With Bramley

Finding A Moment of Calm With Bramley

Date Posted

October 10, 2022

This World Mental Health Day, we’ve picked out a few of our well-being must-haves designed to offer you a moment of calm in the times you need it most. 

With self-care becoming an increasingly important part of many people’s daily rituals, we want to help you create atmospheres within your home where you can unwind whilst using our products to take some time for yourself. 

Top Products for Self Care..

Bubble Bath 

Ease away a day of anxieties with our Geranium, Lavender and Sweet Orange Bubble Bath. Let your mind and body unwind before a good night’s sleep with this combination of essential oils, designed to relax, reassure and soothe. 

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Sleep Spray

Create a calming atmosphere and relax into a restful night's sleep with our Lavender, Yarrow and Chamomile Sleep Spray, the perfect bedtime accompaniment. Spray directly onto your pillow and around your bedroom to help you drift off into the land of nod.

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Calm Balm 

Created to comfort you in times of stress, this multi-purpose balm containing Rosehip, Chamomile and Yarrow essential oils is also the perfect partner for our Sleep Spray and can be rubbed into pressure points to offer moments of calm. 

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For further support and more information, we recommend visiting our friends at Mind (, who offer advice, raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health issues.

Date Posted

October 10, 2022