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The new everyday essential your guests will delight in using...


Why Bramley?

The ethos at Bramley has always been to be both kind to your skin and the environment. As we all know, hand sanitisers will be used frequently from now on, Bramley's alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser Gel will become the new everyday essential customers will delight in using. With rosemary, peppermint & spearmint essential oils, this gel not only protects your hands but will also leave them feeling soft & gently fragranced.

“An invaluable product with a great fragrance and excellent sanitising properties. Kind to the hands too. We will be including this in our range of Bramley products for guests at the Craftsman’s Cottage where we maintain the strictest cleanliness using natural products wherever possible. Huge well done to the Bramley team.”

Amanda Bannister, The Craftsman’s Cottage

Sanitiser Station & Brackets

We have made it easy for you to put together a hand sanitising station for your business. Use free standing or choose between either our white or stainless steel secure brackets. Information poster can also be provided.


Our strong commitment to the environment can help in your own approach to sustainability. Skin kind and cruelty free, we are committed to finding natural ingredients and sourcing our oils carefully to help your guests feel relaxed and restored. We want Bramley products to not only be beautiful and safe to experience but to do no harm to the environment that has inspired us. This means we ensure our beautiful packaging is fully recyclable and our ingredients are biodegradable.

Choose your size

Available to buy in bulk our Hand Sanitiser Gel comes in 5 Litres with 1 Litre, 250ml, 100ml & 50ml refillable options.

You may consider offering the 50ml or 100ml as a welcome gift to leave in rooms and on tables as wonderful 'on the go' natural protection.

We have also introduced our most sustainable option yet, 250ml refillable glass bottles.

If you'd like to know more please contact us on 01747 445 067 or email

8 reasons your guests are
going to love Bramley Products

Made in the British Countryside

We are a British company, the Bramley range was conceived, created, and everything is manufactured in the UK and we use British suppliers wherever possible.

100% Recyclable Packaging

All our packaging can be recycled and our products ingredients are biodegradable, making Bramley safe for the environment as well as safe for your body.

Never Tested On Animals

We have never tested on animals and can reassure you that none of our ingredients have ever been tested on animals. We now have our own non-animal testing policy in place.

Natural ingredients

All our base ingredients come from raw items such as sugar and coconut and our wax comes from soya plants. All our essential oils are fair trade, wild crafted, grown sustainably and sourced carefully with integrity.

Free From Harmful Or Unethical Ingredients

Our products do not contain harmful ingredients such as petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, parabens, microbeads, silicones, propylene glycol or phthalates.

Suitable For Everyone

Our products are vegan friendly and have been created for everyone to use, from children to adults with sensitive skin (some pets have even been treated to the shampoo!).

Supporting Charities

Bramley supports local charities Including Plantlife and Discovery, which provides work for people living with disabilities and autism through the packing of our Bramley soaps.

Marine Life Friendly

Our products are safe to be washed into rivers and oceans, so are not harmful to fish or other aquatic animals, making Bramley safe for the environment.

What our customers say

We love working with Bramley. The team are super friendly & helpful and their products divine, with values that we and our guests can really get behind

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