Little B's Back To School Essential Little B's Back To School Essential

Little B's Back To School Essential

Date Posted

September 04, 2020

 Pencils, pens, highlighters, paper, ruler, lunchbox... hand sanitiser?! 
We've put together a list of the perfect pocket-sized product to add on to your little ones back to school list.

Little B On The Go Hand Care Set 

While we are sure that our wonderful teachers will be asking children to wash their hands regularly throughout the school day, a bottle of hand sanitiser and hand wash in their schoolbag is the perfect reminder and anti-germ fix your child may need. This perfect pairing comes in a Little B 100% cotton drawstring bag.


Little B Mini Magic Balm

This 100% natural balm has been specifically developed to ease any bump, bruise or scrape that may occur while they're out and about. 
The essential oils in this balm will also help calm any butterflies or worries a school day may bring. This 15g tin is a great size for pockets. 

Little B Sleep Spray 


This gorgeous sleep spray uses a delicate lavender flower water as its base to create a pillow mist that gently soothes your little ones’ off to sleep. The relaxing lavender flower water, combined with a gentle blend of flower oils including geranium and calming chamomile essential oils soothe and nourish, helping them unwind and ready for bed and feeling fresh for a new day of learning! 


Date Posted

September 04, 2020