How to create the perfect festival flower crown How to create the perfect festival flower crown

How to create the perfect festival flower crown

Date Posted

August 15, 2018

Going to a festival this summer? Want to stand out from the crowd? How about making yourself a flower crown to really get in the festival spirit. It’s easier than you think and you just need a few simple bits and pieces to make your very own personalised flower head piece, just follow our easy step by step guide below.

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What you will need to create the perfect festival flower crown

Strong pliable wire or thick florist wire, florist tape, flowers and foliage.

Making the wire base

If you are using a length of wire, wrap it around the circumference of your head to get the right size (ensuring a slight overlap of the ends) then wrap the tape all the way around the circular wire base so that all the wire is covered.  

(TOP TIP  - florist tape can feel really dry to start with but the wax in it soon warms up and becomes sticky as you work with it)

If you are using florist stub wire overlap 2 pieces of wire by about 2 inches and then wrap the tape around the 2 pieces of wire. Next bend the wires around the top of your head so that you can measure where you need to add the next piece of wire. Again overlap the next wire you are adding by about 2 inches. Wrap the tape all the way around so that the circular wire frame is now wrapped in the tape.

It’s really important the wire frame fits your head well, too small and the flower crown will perch on top of your head, too large and the flower crown will slip down over your eyes! 

(TOP TIP The flowers can add quite a bit of weight and pull the flower crown down so I would go on the slightly smaller size for the wire frame base rather than slightly larger to be on the safe side).

Adding the Flowers

Once you have the circular wire frame which sits well on your head, next comes the fun, bit adding the flowers! You can add any flowers that you like there is no right or wrong, you can go large or go small, bold or pastel colours, its entirely up to you! Just remember it might be better to add flowers that you know won’t wilt quickly once out of water, roses, peony, ranunculus, hellebores, carnations, sunflowers, waxflowers, berries including hypernicum berries are great and to add a bit of volume try longer lasting foliage such as eucalyptus, rosemary or pittosporum.

To start adding the flowers, select your first flower and cut the stem so it’s about 4- 5cm long, then tape the stem onto the wire frame, you always trim the stem down once its securely taped on. Next take your next flower and tape it in a clockwise direction as close to the first flower as possible.  And repeat, going in a clockwise direction.

(TOP TIP make sure the stem isn’t too short as its more tricky to tape attach, too long and it will stick out)

You don’t have to put flowers all the way round its up to you, you can put them to one side, or just at the front, just go with your creativity flow.

(TOP TIP try the flower crown on in a mirror every now and again as you are making it as it will look very different on your head than when it’s on the table while you are making it and tweak accordingly). 

So now you are all set to go to the festival, flower crown in hand (or head!). Enjoy!

Date Posted

August 15, 2018